Great Valley Division

The Great Valley Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad is an imaginary Secondary Line using local place names. It is mainly a freight hauler with seventeen daily passenger trains, twenty-five freights, a helper job, two work extras, a high and wide transfer and three yard jobs. The theme of operations is mainly local work with the main line freights dropping off and picking up cars at Paoli. All locals originate at Paoli and disperse to West Chester, Octoraro, Devault, Phoenixville and the Main Line. In Phoenixville, there is a dedicated crew for work at Phoenix Iron and Chas. Lackman.

Motive power is Brass steam I1's, L1's, K4's, H10's, H9's, H8's, H6sb's, G5s's, B6sb, and a GE250 (doodlebug) and 2 Broadway Limited K4's. All engines are equipped with Soundtraxx Medium Steam Decoders, except the GE250 which has a LokSound decoder. Passenger equipment is made up of Bachmann Spectrum P70's, Bethlehem Car Works B60's and Walthers (P54's and Broadway Limited Cars). The cabins are an assortment of brass and plastic. Freight cars are mainly Athearn, Model Die Casting, Bowser and Walthers.

North Coast Engineering DCC with 14 throttles is the control system. Radio throttles have been added.

Operation is by card system with multiple destinations for each car on a single card. About 700 cars are shifted during an operating session.

Approximately 75 wood kits (Campbell, etc. with a few Scratch built) and many of the new Walther's Plastic Buildings improve the layout.

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